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Provide successful businesses with proven online toolkit to get employees moving, improve their health & fitness hence their performance, engagement and contribution to the company success.

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What are the CEOs saying

All interviewed CEOs consider the interconnection between teams' health, wellness and fitness and company performance either strong or very strong.

They also believe that employee health, wellness and fitness are important to achieve personal satisfaction and success

Top 4 areas of the company influenced by team health, wellness and fitness

High level of energy

Increased team collaboration

Creating positive company culture

Higher employee engagement

Most CEOs are aware of the topic importance however struggle to

  • Come up with meaningful strategies to increase heath, wellness and fitness of the organization
  • Prioritize relevant activities and plans among everything else that’s going on in their company

ExFitt for Business offers

  • Individual login access for all employees
  • Dedicated online forum for the participants to communicate, ask questions, share progress (internal system of choice or private Facebook group; 24/7 accessible)
  • Weekly report for the management about employee participation (optional)
  • One year access to all the course materials
  • 4 weeks of the focus ExFitt online fitness program course, teaching the ExFitt SequenceTM, a powerful combination of exercises to improve core strength and body flexibility
  • Online video conference weekly to connect directly with the program mentor, get inspired, ask questions, address challenges
  • Quarterly follow-up conference video calls with the management and/or participants to address any question, motivate to continue physical activity

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Dan Frolec

Client feedback

Under the umbrella of Dubai Fitness Challenge we had engaged Imbangan team to get the entire Smart4Power team into the exercise mode. The ExFitt online program gently builds up over the 4 weeks initial period and allows for participants of all levels of fitness. The live video calls with Dan were fun and created a lot of momentum and engagement within the team.

Andreas Kolb
Managing Director Smart4Power, Dubai

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